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I love Dr. Ko! He's my dentist from now on!


I had recently moved to the area and needed a new dentist for a routine teeth cleaning and check-up. After the check-up I found out that I had serious perio problems. At first I was in denial that I had a problem and also about how serious this problem can be. After reading the literature and talking with Dr. Ko and his staff, I realized I couldn't afford to ignore the condition and to begin the treatments.

I found the treatment to be easy and manageable, even with a busy schedule - you just need commitment. I was amazed at how quickly the condition improved, and subsequent check-ups proved that the treatment works. It's been just over a year since I began treatment and my gums are still healthy. I feel so much better about my overall health as a result of the program.

Dr. Ko is a wonderful dentist! He's kind, compassionate and thoroughly profesional. I'm really grateful that I chose him as my dentist.


I'm a late 70's senior - teeth in fairly good shape, however, several of my pocket readings were running as deep as 4 and 5 and even a few 6's. After undergoing Harmony Dental's Perio Treatments for about one year, none of my readings are over a 3. I am very pleased with the program, plus working with Dr. Ko and his staff is always a pleasure.


After going to the same dentist for 15 years, he retired without announcement. It was time for me to find someone new. I saw an ad for 1-800 denstist, so I went online to check it out. In Palm Springs there were two dentists mentioned, one of them Dr. Ko.

My first impression was how calm and friendly the office was. Dr. Ko greeted me in such a warm manner as if we had been friends for years. After the examination we talked and he went over the finding of Periodontal Disease. I was totally unaware of my condition. He explained the procedure and approximately how long it woudl take. His receptionist then explained the cost of the work that had to be done. We proceeded with the treatments. The The improvement has been amazing. We worked together as a team between home and his office.

My other dentist never mentioned anything about Periodontal disease. This gave me the feeling that Dr. Ko had my best interest in mind, and my health and well-being for the future. We have set up a schedule of check ups to keep things going in the right directiuon. I think I have found myself a dentist.